Meeting date: 28th July 2022

This year’s AGM was held using Zoom and the meeting was recorded. 

Officers Present:

Paul Grosvenor (Chairman); Chris “Ziggi” Paul (Secretary); Nicholas Small (Treasurer) – Not present; John Jacob – aka Jake (Editor and Events)

Also Present:

Chris Hughes; Adám Brudzewsky; Christopher Ray; Andrew Sengul; Rick Park; John Burger; Bob Therriault; Mick Mingard

John Jacob apologised for the previous attempt to hold the AGM which had to be abandoned due to technical issues. 

Paul Grosvenor welcomed everyone to the AGM 2022.

Minutes from the 2021 AGM

The minutes from the previous AGM were presented,

Chris Hughes proposed they be adopted as an accurate representation of the 2021 AGM.

Ray Cannon seconded.

Minutes from the 2021 EGM

Changes to the Constitution and approving the expenditure for converting Vectors to PDF.

Paul Grosvenor proposed the minutes be adopted

John Jacob and Adám Brudzewsky seconded

Chairman’s report – Paul Grosvenor

  • Covid 19 caused a number of challenges but hopefully they are all in the past.
  • Adám asked if we had a date for resuming meeting in person, Paul said not at the moment.  We do have a plan to hold a couple of events every year.
  • Digitisation of vector is underway
  • Lots of things have been happening in the background thanks to the committee members that have managed to keep things running, the chairman expressed his thanks

Treasurer’s Report – Nicholas Small

The treasurer was not present

John Jacob shared the report and confirmed that Chris Hogan had audited the report and was happy with everything

Adám asked about the strange jump and fall in payments from sustaining members but this was explained as one member had not paid for a while then played catch-up.

Paul stated we do have money in the bank and we should make use of it.

Expenses have changed as we have stop printing Vector but have been doing work on the websites.

Editors and Events Report – Jake (John Jacob)

  • Digitisation of all Vectors
    • All Vectors have now been digitised and have been uploaded.
    • Digital versions of Vector are not actually published yet as we need a decision on how to do it.
    • Jake suggested he would put them live as they are.
    • The early editions were in Black and White and some of the covers were a little rough. 
    • Jake and Mick Mingard are working on ways to improve the appearance but want to get things available as soon as possible.
    • Jake talked about what things could improved the appearance and splitting out the papers.
    • There is still an issue with the scans of APL code for a number of reasons and this will be very difficult to resolve in all cases.
    • Jake will announce PDFs of the Journals as they are published.
    • They are all currently downloadable.
    • There was some debate around ownership of articles.  The conclusion was if an article had been published in Vector then it was in the public domain, and you could use them if you give the proper accreditations.  Ray believes the rules around this are printed in Vector itself.  If Jake can find this information, he will separate it out and publish it.
    • There was a discussion on whether email addresses should be redacted or not.
    • Project is on budget
    • Paul proposed we look at some of the rough edges outside the AGM
    • Adám asked about the archive.  There are no plans to take offline at this time although Jake is not proposing to do any work on it. 
    • Adám proposed once all the PDFs are available online to create an APL Wiki article about the Vector Journal, then scrape what is on archive and link to the PDFs.
  • Webinars will continue.
    • Jake thanks Adám for a number of demos
  • Live meeting should start again in some form.
  • There is still an intention to consolidate the British APL association and the Vector websites to the same site.

The Committee

Phil Last has asked to leave the committee so the role of Events will be handed to Jake with support from Paul

Paul proposed the following team be re-elected on mass.

Chairman –          Paul Grosvenor

Secretary –          Ziggi (Chris Paul)

Treasurer –          Nicholas Small

Events –                Jake (John Jacob) assisted by Paul Grosvernor

Web Editor –       Jake (John Jacob)

Web Master –     Mike Lingard

Web Admin –      Chris Hogan

Adám supported the proposal and Ray Cannon seconded

There were no objections.

Adoption of new APL Logo

Adám announced we did it.  –  Yay

It needs to be used.

Suggestions: Put an APL logo beside “What is APL?” on the BAA website, and sprinkled throughout the site.

We should send it to all the sustaining members to use, Dyalog already has it.

Adám proposed that BAA become Vector at least in presentation, as the BAA has evolved into an international group.  Jake says this is something we could have a longer discussion about.

Live Meetings

Jake to contact The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists and see if it is possible for us to stage something.  Dyalog has two yearly meetings approx. half a year apart so if we could plan something between the two, or every 4 months.

Paul asked about a two day meeting and there was a discussion about meeting and moots.

The events team will go away and look into this, maybe pin a date in June and combine with the AGM.

There was a discussion around if these meeting should be in or out of school holiday time.


Rich reminded everyone about the Earlybird Discount for Dyalog 2022

Adám:  Webinar videos, could we pay an intern to go over videos edit them and remove any personal details. Bob offered to edit videos.

Videos could be edited to be subject or topic driven in 8 to 10 minute segments.  Jake and Bob will take this away and have a discussion.

Dropbox, this should be a BAA Dropbox, Jake to take up with Nick and change ownership or move stuff across.

The Mailing list is owned by BAA, there was a discussion around giving other committee members access to send mail to this mailing list through the existing process.

There was a further discussion about how to get the old APL code in early Vectors into a form where they can be copied.

Meeting closed by Paul

Minutes produced by Ziggi