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The BAA was founded almost 40 years ago to promote a family of interactive array-programming languages noted for elegance, conciseness and fast development speed. Many of them were derived from Kenneth Iverson’s mathematical notation.


AGM 2021 – Minutes

Meeting date: 1st July 2021 This year’s AGM was held using Zoom and the meeting was recorded.  The polling feature of Zoom was used for the voting process. Officers Present: Paul Grosvenor (Chairman), Chris ‘Ziggi’ Paul...

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AGM 2020 – Minutes

Present David Mitchell, Phil Last, Curtis Jones, Michael Hughes, Bob Armstrong, John Jacob, Stephen Taylor, Stefan Kruger, Adám Brudzewsky, Chris Pollard, Morten Kromberg, Phil Last, Bob Armstrong, Chris Hughes, Chris Hogan,...

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In Memory of ian sharp

Ian Sharp 1932 – 2021 The British APL Association is saddened to hear of the passing of Ian Sharp, one of the founding members of IPSA. A number of those involved in the BAA including myself worked for IPSA, and I would...

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The British APL Association will continue it’s series of bi-weekly webinars via Zoom indefinitely. The published Schedule has details for up-coming events.

BAA London live meetings will restart when UK lock down measures permit and run along side the webinars.

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