A BAA Webinar by Bob Armstrong

CoSy , being a vocabulary in an open-to-the-chip Forth has flexibilities no C based APL can match .
The comment I just made to a post by Roger Hui on Dyalog : an exercise in arch├Žological algorithmic analysis is a good example of the nature of the language . From an APLer’s perspective perhaps the most salient differences are

  • Space is the prime delimiter . A word can be any non-blank string of characters
  • Syntax is RPN , simple read it  do it  . A word can , of course look forward in the input
  • The single quote , ‘ ,  verb puts the address of the word following on the stack , whether noun , verb , or whatever . This makes the equivalent of defining adverbs , aka : operators , trivial .

I think APLers , including J & K ers might find the abilities provided by the openness down to the chip useful for some of their tasks .  And a few good heads could rapidly move it toward a hosted web app .