Paul Grosvenor, Nicholas Small, Phil Last, Chris Hogan, Gareth Brentnall, Peter Cyriax, Michael
Hughes, Dan (c/o Michael Hughes), John Jacob (Jake), Kai Jaeger, Jason Moleman, Ellis Morgan,
Naren Natan, Emanuel Sowicz, Stephen Taylor.

In conference

Mike Lingard.


Ray Cannon, Ian Clark.


The Annual General Meeting started at 14:40 at the Hoop & Grapes, Farringdon Street. Paul
welcomed everyone, Ellis agreed to take the minutes.

Last year

Chris proposed and Nicholas seconded that the minutes of the 2018 AGM should be
approved, which carried unanimously.

Chairman’s report

  • Two new sustaining members: Tony Corso and Michael Hughes.
  • There was not much support for a larger event for the 2019 AGM.
  • The website goes live today at .
  • Free subscriptions for members as Vector will now be published and edited online at
  • We could still publish an annual paper version.

Treasurer’s Report

Nicholas presented the Accounts for 2018/19 and these were accepted unanimously.

Nicholas commented that the accounts reflected the level of activity of the Association. In the subsequent discussion, it was agreed: that the sum set aside for another volume of Vector (and recorded under Creditors) should be counted as an asset; subscriptions should be reviewed at the next AGM.

The Committee

Chairman Paul, Treasurer Nicholas, Activities Phil. There is no Secretary, no Vector Editor (but Jake has carried on editing and will do so for another year), and no Webmaster. Chris can not be Webmaster as he is the Auditor, but he can be Honorary Webmaster. That the committee should be: Chairman Paul, Treasurer Nicholas, Activities Phil. Vector Editor Jake, Honorary Webmaster Chris was proposed by Peter, seconded by Mike and carried unanimously.

The Auditor

Chris is the auditor, Paul proposed and Kai seconded that Chris be re-elected as auditor, this was carried unanimously.

The Honorary Webmaster

Chris is the auditor, Paul proposed and Ellis seconded that Chris be re-elected as honorary webmster, this was carried unanimously.

An event for next year

We discussed a number of possibilities:one day in London costing £3-4,000, or a stand at an IT show. For example APL group at Santiago? £4,000 for two days and including AGM.

Candidates are: Excel – 20-30K people (more hardware/application); something like the functional programming conference; … We want to promote APL, so let’s do it … Peter proposed that Paul should do the legwork and get back to us, carried unanimously.

Vector Website

Money could be spent: Forums; Videos (how to build an article); regular sustaining member contributions; …

BAA Website

  • An extensive demo by Jake: Code mirror – style still changing; work in progress (review and authorize publication); type “mark” in the search box and start a new article; headings and tables with left/centred/ right adjusted text; Maths equations use LATEX; preview with styling; Notepad++ is helpful; …
  • Next up: “How to” and “Help Videos”
  • Kai will send Jake a new Appletree article.
  • Public/Members/Authors/Editors/Admin – there is a hierarchy.

General Discussion

There are two websites – and

  • Mike went online …
  • Vector/BAA websites: what to do with updated articles; Jake says it is hard, Kai says it is easy; we control new stuff – but should we change history; vector identity links; not all the index is online (some articles are lost); …
  • The new method is a lot easier than editing a vector edition
  • How to prevent spam
  • Classes to be set up: author says its ready; editor says publish; then only comments added and typos corrected.
  • Other website users include : chairman; events; sustaining members.
  • WordPress backup includes: every four hours; daily offsite; weekly to raid; SSL periodic renewal; daily “proving”; back-up server.

Any other business


The meeting closed at 15:55