MJH Software Services have released qWC Alpha 0.4. Version 0.4.1 is now available from our website:-


qWC is an emulation of Dyalog’s native GUI ⎕WC, allowing APL defined GUI’s on Mac’s, Linux, RaspberryPi and Online. With the release of Alpha version 4.0, qWC now works with the HTMLRenderer removing the requirement for a HTTP Web-server.

Using HTMLRenderer instead of a Web-server allows Mac and Linux Users to use qWC as easily as Windows Users use ⎕WC and allows Windows Users to develop their applications ‘offline’.

To initialise HTMLRenderer with qWC simply type qLocal ”

More information on the origins and basic functionality of qWC can be found in our Webinar hosted by Dyalog in November 2019 https://dyalog.tv/Webinar/?v=l3e1z2se9dI