Change to ground rules

  • Feel free to ask questions during presentations unless the presenter has indicated otherwise.
  • But if you are not speaking stay muted.
  • Continue to use the chat log to post comments and suggestions.

Webinar Schedule

  • Future Webinars will be “Open Sessions” where anyone who would like to can take the floor.
  • We will be organizing alternative hosts to facilitate these meetings.
  • We will spread out presentations depending on demand to one every four weeks.
  • Changing Zoom rules mean that we will need a pass code at some point in the future. This will go out with the mail shot to notify subscribers that the Webinar is happening,


  • The webinar schedule is now accessible via a new Events menu option
  • Each webinar session entry will have a link to a dedicated page to act as a container for the videos and to capture reactions
  • Add the ability for reader to comment on posts via DisQus.
  • We are In the process of adding a facility to post news via email. This will be announced when it is ready.