Well, COVID-19 is, for most of us, now behind us and as we learn to live with it, we can now start to plan the next 12 months. The pandemic threw up many challenges over the past 2 years, but things didn’t completely stop; we learnt to find alternate ways of meeting, communicating, or simply keeping in touch with friends.

Some of these changes will continue such as the bi-weekly series of webinars which started at the beginning of the pandemic. Anyone who would like to share something with the wider community is welcome. Details of all up and coming session are published on britishaplassociation.org. Highlights from some of these meetings are published on YouTube

In the past, prior to Covid, we have discussed holding annual events and this now remains our intent going forward. New details must be thrashed out, but we hope to be able to hold one or possibly two events in the next year or so. Anyone with ideas or suggestions please feel free to chip in. It might even be an opportunity for the BAA to take one of the forthcoming webinars and use it as a sounding block for the group

The long overdue digitisation of our Vector publication is underway which means that sometime soon we will have the entire series as a PDF and available on-line

In short therefore there is a fair bit going on and I hope that we can now concentrate on new projects and events in the coming year

My thanks go out to the other members of the committee who have manged to keep everything up and running over the past year. Long may it continue

Thank you

Paul Grosvenor

Chairman of BAA