EGM 2021 – Minutes

Meeting date: 12th August 2021

The EGM was held using Zoom and the meeting was recorded. 

Officers Present:

Paul Grosvenor (Chairman),

Chris “Ziggi” Paul (Secretary),

Nicholas Small (Treasurer)

John Jacob – aka Jake (Editor and Events)

Also Present:

Curtis Jones
Stefan Kruger
Martin Neitzel
Adám Brudzewsky
John Burger

Paul Grosvenor welcomed everyone to the EGM.

Paul explained the two key reasons for the EGM:

  • Changes to the constitution, change some of the wording now we are independent and remove committee posts we no longer have need for.
  • Agree conversion of vector to a digital format and authorised expenditure.

Changes to the Constitution

Paul checked that all had had a chance to read the draft constitution.

Some small amendments were made as per minutes of the AGM 2021, and the edit notes on the draft document.

Paul proposed that we should adopt the new constitution

Chris Paul seconded the proposal

The committee agreed unanimously to accept the new constitution.

Conversion of Vector Articles to Digital Format

Paul states we were asking for a fund allowance of up to £1000. 

This would be used to take a full set of Vector Journals and convert to a digital format, which although unconfirmed should be searchable and searchable on APL characters (if at all possible).

Jake and Paul agreed if the amount required was more than £1000, we would need further discussion.

Adám asked about other items that the BAA would be prepared to pay for like editing webinar videos, Jake stated we do have some volunteers prepared to do this work.

Paul stated there may be tasks in the future that may require expenditure, these would be discussed.  Examples were put forward:

  • Should the BAA have its own dropbox.
  • Should the BAA pay for sending to the mailing list.
    • Currently Optima charge £10.00 a time for sending out mail to all members
    • Paul will check the cost effectiveness of the current system vs an annual subscription and other options.
    • There was an issue sending of reminders and details for this EGM.  Paul and Jake were going to discuss the issue elsewhere and bring it back to the BAA if necessary

Jake proposed the Vector Journal Digitisation Project with a Budget of up to £1000 be approved

Adám wanted to check that founds were available and once confirmed he seconded the proposal

There were no objections

Dropbox Account for BAA

It was suggested that the BAA get its own Dropbox account for the nominal amount of £100 per year to keep all related BAA documents and videos.

Paul proposed the project

Martin Seconded

Paul called the EGM to a close

Minutes produced by Ziggi